Life Community Village

with Bianca Buitendag

Touching a life and mending a heart is a key phrase we chose to live out on a daily basis. Why? Because we want to leave a lasting imprint on the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa. We believe that through developing a primary school, called Life Christian Academy, in an impoverished area, will be a massive part of that imprint. Together we can!

Philip and Maryna De Vries are incredible ambassadors and leaders of life, as they have stirred up many dreams for the community of George, but not only that, they have seen many dreams become realities, the building of the school is yet another one of those dreams that will become a reality.

As Bianca Buitendag took an opportunity to take a stand for her country at the Olympic games, we can all take a stand for our country through getting behind the funding for the building project of LCA’s school building.

The entirety of the project will cost R9.3 Million

All donations will be placed in a ring fenced account, that will be controlled by an external legal firm, Millers attorney’s, so all funding donated can only be utilized for the building of the school. Tax benefit certificates can be claimed for all donations, upon request. I believe that as each of us contribute our part towards the project, we will see it come to completion.

This is our time to act, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but today. We at Life believe that as each of us contribute our part towards the project, we will see another dream become a reality.

Attorneys responsible for construction bank account: Millers Attorneys

Banking details:

Millers Inc.



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